How we started...

Ava Clogg

It all started on my wedding day…

Like all couples, my Husband and I left no stone unturned in order to make our special day perfect.

Rain Plan: ✓, Seating Chart: ✓, Alcohol: ✓✓

Yet, through all our tireless planning, one problem remained constant. The tableware options throughout the Vancouver area seemed to be missing a few things:  We wanted a tableware that used colour to paint a picture, with patterns that told a story, and had an overall aesthetic that we can call our own. 

Because I believe the unique taste and personality of the host and hostess should be reflected in their guests’ dining experience.

Being an Interior designer with an obsession for sourcing anything! I was motivated to find a solution. I decided to curate all the dinnerware, glassware and flatware for the event. My goal was to elevate the entire celebration through a distinctive table setting. To this day, our guests still talk about how unforgettable their dining experience was with the Pink and Gold wine glasses, Emerald dinner plates and Black and Gold cutlery beautifully laid upon their tables.

I believe that tableware is more than just the dishware laid on a table serving a meal. It’s a statement that sets a tone and serves an experience that will last longer than the food it holds.

Now, through Citrine Curation, I hope to share with you the joy and excitement of having a bespoke tablescape tailored for your event... in your own Style.